Superlas hoses for transport solutions covers a wide range of hoses for transfer of wet or dry materials, abrasives and liquids.
Food & Beverage
Superlas food and beverage hoses for transfer of fatty and non fatty foods, alcoholic beverages and juices along with abrasive and cleaning applications for the food industry.
Superlas petrochemical range of hoses for transfer of fuel, petroleum, chemical and derivative products for offshore, tanker, truck and bunker applications.
Superlas agricultural hose range for transport, pumping, spraying, cleaning and transfer, for a wide range of agricultural applications.
Superlas hoses for the construction sector include; concrete placement, plaster, material handling,water pumping along with cleaning, waste solutions and compressed air supply.
Superlas mining hoses are designed to meet international standards for hazardous area use and heavy duty conditions, flame retardant and antistatic, air and water supply, suction & discharge applications and abrasive material handling.
Superlas hoses cover a wide range of demanding industrial applications including the transfer of compressed air, water, welding gases, hydraulics and steam cleaning.
Steel Production
Superlas hoses provide innovative solutions for the steel industry in areas of cable cooling, cable protection and heat resistant furnace hose.
Superlas marine range of hoses incorporates tank cleaning, fuel, exhaust and wash down applications along with seawater handling and dredging.
Hose ends Solutions
Superlas hoses are produced with a range of end styles to facilitate various operations in different industries. Below are the available end terminations.
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Compressed Air Hose range incorporates oil mist resistant tubes long length and mandrel construction